Fiona’s story

‘Earlier this year I read Sally’s book “Where Memories Go” which led me to look into Playlist for Life. Like so many families, my siblings and I have watched our strong, independent dad slowly disappear as the grip of dementia robs him of everything that once defined him. Communication has become increasingly difficult for him … Read more

Harry & Margaret’s story Harry and Margaret were the first couple Playlist for Life worked with. Harry had severe dementia and lived in a care home. Margaret, his wife, came every day to see him and left most days in tears. Harry had stopped responding to her. See what happened when they started listening to his playlist together.

Jim & Sybil’s story Sybil and Jim met in 1985 at a conference in America, and led an exciting life together filled with travelling and a love of gardening. When Jim was diagnosed with dementia, their lives were turned upside down with Sybil caring for them in their home. When Jim was taken into hospital for his dementia, … Read more

Bob’s story

Earlier this year, Gordon got in touch following a Music Detective Alert he had seen on Facebook. In his letter, he told us about a very interesting tune on his father-in-law’s playlist. Below is Bob’s story. My father in Law, Bob Robertson, is 88 years of age, and he loves singing. Music was a … Read more

Pat & John

Meet Pat and John. Pat has dementia and loves classical music. She sang in a choir for many years but now she can’t remember the names of the tunes she used to sing. John, her husband, struggled to help because he loves country music but isn’t a big fan of classical. It wasn’t until they … Read more