Connect through music

These are difficult times. To protect against the spread of COVID-19, the government needs us all to stay apart. Our every instinct is to reach out and reassure those we love and it is agonising not to be able to do so. And the people most isolated and most alone are our most vulnerable and all those over 70.

Playlist for Life’s mission has always been to connect people through the power of personalised music, using that power to connect people with dementia to their family members and carers. When other methods of communication fail, music can become a lifeline. When words fail, music speaks.

We are encouraging everyone to harness the power of music to connect with their loved ones by creating a personal playlist of ‘the soundtrack of their life’. 

We all have tunes that are special to us, that take us back to another time, person or place whenever we hear them. That never fail to make us smile, tap a foot, or sing along. These are the tunes on the soundtrack of our life. We all have one. Your soundtrack is as unique as you are.

People can make a personal playlist alone, with their partner, or remotely with family members. Family members can make playlists for each other and share musical memories. By capturing the tunes that mean the most, you can create a lifeline for someone you love or even yourself. Something that can calm an anxious mind, bring cheer when you’re feeling low and even make time pass more quickly.

Over the coming weeks, Playlist for Life will share our top tips for building a personal playlist including:   

  • conversation starters 
  • activities for kids and older relatives to do together remotely 
  • weekly topics to identify new songs on your playlist
  • Music Detective skills training
  • top tips for creating a personal playlist  
  • ideas for using your playlist to manage life in isolation 

The Playlist for Life team is busy working from home, to come up with new ideas to spread the power of personal music far and wide, and most importantly, to help you connect with your loved ones. 

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or sign-up for our weekly emails to help you and your loved ones connect through music during this period of isolation. 

We will be working with local community responses to offer support and help. If you are involved in a community response, or if there is anything else you think we could do, please get in touch and share your ideas with us. We are here to support you. 

Sarah Metcalfe 

Chief Executive