The training is a good general introduction to Playlist for Life. As well as Help Point volunteers it will be useful for Volunteer Networkers and Speakers.

Everyone is encouraged to complete the course. 

  • It should take around 40 minutes to complete.
  • Each module offers a mixture of videos and printouts
  • Each section includes links to further reading or useful information 
  • At the end of each section there is a practice question for you to test out whether you can now answer some things people are likely to ask you. 

Help Point volunteers – you will be supported by your Help Point leader who is your first point of contact if you have questions. It is their responsiblity to carry out the necessary safety checks (PVG in Scotland, DBS in the rest of the UK), to protect both you and your service users. 

You can click to the next section at the bottom of the page, or back to the page before if you want to read something again.

Training topics

Introduction: About Playlist for Life

Module 1: How to set up a Playlist for Life Help Point

Module 2: What is dementia?

Module 3: How best to work with a person with dementia

Module 4: Why music helps a person with dementia

Module 5: Music Detective skills, to help you track down the most appropriate songs for individual playlists

Module 6: Music equipment, to help people find the best option for their needs

Module 7: Once a playlist has been made, how best to use it

Enjoy the course!  Click below to get started.