Pat & John

Meet Pat and John. Pat has dementia and loves classical music. She sang in a choir for many years but now she can’t remember the names of the tunes she used to sing.

John, her husband, struggled to help because he loves country music but isn’t a big fan of classical. It wasn’t until they visited one of our Help Points that they were able to get the help they needed.

When we found out that Pat was a classical fan we were able to pull up our BBC Proms playlist and pick some of its choral music highlights. Pat was soon singing along to Zadok The Priest and the Hallejulah Chorus – and she remembered every word!

We spent a wonderful hour with Pat and John trying out tunes, singing along, and laughing together. By the end of our session we had discovered ten fantastic tunes that Pat loved.

With the tunes downloaded onto our recommended portable music player – the Bush mp3 player – Pat can listen to her playlist whenever and wherever she needs it!