Healthcare professional? Take a look at our dedicated training site!
Healthcare professional? Take a look at our dedicated training site!

Playlist request service

Playlist for Life is trialling a new service to get playlists to people who need them. Read on for ways you can get involved!

A little extra help

On this website you’ll find lots of advice and resources to help you make a playlist for yourself or someone you care for. But we know some people need a bit of extra help to get started. So over the next couple of months we are trialling a new service to make playlists for people who need them. Our staff and volunteers will work with people with dementia and their carers to make a playlist of favourite songs and deliver it to them in the most appropriate way.

Getting it right

We want to be sure we’re delivering the service in the best way possible so we are trying different ways of doing it. That means, unfortunately, that we cannot take requests directly. The service is only available in a few specific areas of the UK or by referral from one of our Help Points or partner organisations.

Have you seen one of our posters or flyers? 

If you have seen one of our posters or been given one of our flyers that means you are in one of our pilot areas. Each pilot area is staffed by one of our Local Organisers. Their name and contact details will be on the flyer and they will be happy to hear from you if you’d like them to make you  a playlist.

Find your local Help Point

You can find out whether there is a Playlist for Life Help Point near you by checking the map on our Find Help Near You page.

Try the automatic playlist maker

If you don’t have a Help Point near you or you’re not in one of our pilot areas then why not try our automatic playlist maker? This is a new online tool we are trialling that will let you search for music and build a Spotify playlist automatically. You will need your own Spotify account to listen to your playlist but once you’ve tried the playlist maker we’ll send you some simple instructions on how to get an account.

Let us know what you think

If you do take part in the service we’ll ask you to let us know what you thought of your playlist and the process of making it. And if you’re unable to take part but would find the service useful, please do get in touch to let us know.

Keep an eye on this page for updates about the trials and if you’d like us to email you with news about the service and other Playlist for Life activities then why not sign up for our newsletter?