The 100 Years Book

"... the 100 Years Book is a game changer."

Bonnie McDowell, Playlist Leader

You’ve become a Music Detective, you’ve identified the Memory Bump, and then… you hit a snag. You don’t know what the big tunes were in 1949. Or 1955. Or 1967.

This is where “100 Years: A Century of Song” can help.

Published by Playlist for Life and based on the work of volunteer Music Detective, Peter Grech, it is a book listing the top 100 tunes in the UK for each of the last 100 years. 

It is a great resource for individuals, families or reminiscence and singing groups.

You can buy the book for £10 from the shop. Or you can download each of the decades here for free. 

Listen to the tunes of the 100 Years Book

We have turned each year’s songs into a mini-playlist that you can listen to free on our Spotify profile.

Go to the Spotify website and register as a User. You can then listen to everything on Spotify free but you will hear adverts between songs. To get rid of them you need to sign up for a Spotify premium account (usually £9.99 a month