Training for professionals and volunteers

"The most impactful training I have ever attended."

April Dobson, former Head of Dementia Innovation at the Abbeyfield Society

“I must pay tribute to the pioneering work of the charity Playlist for Life. Their work creating personal playlists for people with dementia led to a 60% reduction in the need for psychotropic medication at one care home. This is the kind of cheap, easy-to-use social prescription that I’m fully behind."

Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Health & Social Care

We have spent five years working with users to develop training that is as useful, interactive and fun as possible. We have packages for health and care professionals, care homes and hospitals, volunteers and community groups.

We want everyone to leave our training knowing the basics and with an extra focus on the areas they are likely to need most:

  1. The science behind the power of playlists. Some courses include a simulation exercise so trainees can experience for themselves a bit of how music works
  2. Real-life stories of how the power of music can be harnessed to make living with dementia easier and happier
  3. Hands on Music Detective skills: practical learning in how to track down personal music by exploring someone’s life story including live playlisting. 
  4. Technology overview: a hands-on session designed for Help Point volunteers demonstrating different types of equipment available, explaining the difference between ‘downloading’ and ‘streaming’, the strengths and weaknesses of each and what you need to get started. 
  5. Planning your project: a supported session thinking through the different stages of bringing Playlist for Life to the workplace. This is a key element of Incorporating Playlists Into Care for care homes and NHS, and health and care professionals. 

Watch the video made by the Abbeyfield Society about their experience below.

"Thank you for the excellent training from Rebecca. It will go down in history as one of the most inspirational training events we have had."

Jacqueline Geekie, Aberdeen Libraries

To discuss your requirements, phone Paula on 0141 404 0683, email
or get more information about current packages below.

Help Point Training

2 free places at Community Training are included as part of the sign-up package for all new Help Point host organisations. 

Incorporating Playlists Into Care

We run regular training events around the country for individual health and care professionals to learn how to make and use playlists in their work.

  • Who it’s for: Individual health and care professionals
  • Cost: Starts at £45 for low-waged. We have a limited number of free bursary places available. Please contact us if you would like to apply for one of these. 
  • Find out more: browse through our Incorporating Into Care Events to find a course near you. 

Incorporating Playlists Into Care – Playlist for Life certified course

Our gold standard course to help care homes and the NHS introduce playlists and incorporate them into care. Establishments completing the course are awarded a plaque to display publicly and are added to the Register of Playlist for Life certified establishments, for families to refer to when looking for a care home.

  • Who it’s for: Care homes and the NHS
  • Cost: £1270. Cost is per course. Save 50% by sharing the course with up to one other establishment.
  • Find out more: Call Paula on 0141 404 0683 to discuss your requirements.

This package is about more than simply sending staff on a course. We take a whole-home approach and offer a combined package of training and support over six months to help your team bring about culture-change that can:

  • Reduce the use of medication
  • Reduce points of stress in the day for staff and residents alike
  • Demonstrate to inspectors the person-centredness of routines and life in your establishment

Train the Trainer

We offer a 2-day course for existing NHS staff or care home staff who have completed the certified course, training them as a Playlist for Life trainer so they can deliver training to their organisation in-house.

This is a cost effective way to embed playlists long-term into your organisation eg to train all new staff as part of induction, keep up to date with the latest developments, roll the use of playlists out across a care home chain or hospital.

Homes and NHS wards trained by an in-house trainer can apply for their certified plaque and entry on the Playlist for Life register at a reduced rate.

Included in the price is a starter pack of training materials (including slides, films and manuals) plus a discount on subsequent materials. 

  • Who it’s for: NHS staff or care staff who have completed the certified course
  • Cost: £1200 per Trainer for a 2-day course and starter pack of training materials. £250 registration renewal p.a.
  • Find out more: Call Paula on 0141 404 0683 to discuss your requirements.

"I hope to see Playlist for Life in all care homes."

Heather Edwards, the Care Inspectorate

"Playlist for Life has changed my ministry."

Rev Helen Jamieson, St Andrews Church Carluke - the first Help Point Leader