Healthcare professional? Take a look at our dedicated training site!
Healthcare professional? Take a look at our dedicated training site!

We love libraries

We want every person living with dementia to have a unique personalised playlist, and for their loved ones or carers to know how to use it. But, our biggest challenge is letting people know about the power of playlists. 

That’s where libraries come in.

We have signed 60 libraries up to the Playlist for Life Help Point Network, enabling them to support the people who use their service to use the power of music to help dementia. Libraries make the ideal Help Point because of their significance within local communities.

Using technology and the internet are two of the biggest challenges faced by people when making a playlist, and libraries are at the forefront of helping people access and develop digital skills. Most libraries have internet access and trained volunteers to help people with technology. Many already run groups for older adults and many also have easy and cheap ways of accessing music for their service users through music libraries such as Freegal

Every library has a unique Help Point experience. For many, their experience has been as simple as displaying a poster and our leaflets. For others it has involved engaging people in the community by including our materials in the reminiscence boxes they send out to local organisations or by running drop-in sessions as part of their established dementia services. Whichever way libraries spread the word about playlists, it’s unquestionable that libraries in our Help Point Network have an incredible impact on people in their community.

We estimate that the current libraries in our Help Point Network have made our resources available to around 41,500 members of the public. Imagine the number of people we could reach if every library in the UK signed up to become a Help Point!

Do you work or volunteer at a library? Why not sign up to become a Help Point today?