When to listen

Now that you have your playlist, here are five top tips about how and when to listen to get the best effect:

1. Listening together

Listening and enjoying being together, responding to the music, is one of the loveliest parts of having a playlist. A great way to spend a visit.

2. Respite

Living with dementia isn’t easy. On a bad day, don’t be afraid to use the playlist as a chance to take a breather. Make sure you are settled comfortably, put the music on, and have a cup of tea while you both take some time out.

3. Listen half an hour before a difficult task

Research shows that listening to your playlist half an hour before something difficult – like bathtime, getting dressed, or in the evening – can make things easier.

4. Keep it with you on the go

Remember to take your playlist with you when you’re leaving the house. Then you can listen whenever and wherever you need it. Don’t forget to keep your listening device charged up!

5. Meeting someone new

Talking about the songs on your playlist is a great way to break the ice when you meet someone new!